Types of Reusable Produce Bags

15 Jan

reusable produce bags from Earthwise bring relief to many consumers who are fed up with using plastic bags to cart their fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce to the supermarket. The reusable produce bags are made from a fabric that is harvested from the Alpaca herd in Australia and used as an alternative to plastic. The Alpaca is the only animal in the world that produces a natural fiber that is used in making textiles. Learn more about reusable produce bags from  Life Unplastic. Earthwise makes these eco-friendly mesh produce bags from high quality organic fibers harvested from. the Alpaca herd. This means that you know that you are helping the environment by using these bags to purchase your produce and other items.With zero-waste grocery shopping, Earthwise can supply consumers with six reusable produce bags for every five pounds of organic produce they purchase at their store. These reusable produce bags from Earthwise help to reduce your overall use of plastic produce bags while still having less cluttered mess in your grocery store. While other brands of reusable produce bags only have varying sizes, every Earthwise bag is big enough to hold tons of produce, as reported by one consumer. And it is also made from organic cotton, which means no pesticides or chemical fertilizers used on the cotton.One of the most compelling reasons to use reusable produce bags is to help the planet. Each year, the amount of plastic products consumed in the United States alone is staggering. Not to mention the fact that this non-biodegradable material is eventually going to be dumped into our ocean waters, where it is thought there will be absolutely no living organism that will be able to remove it safely. The fruits and vegetables we buy in the groceries should make us feel better about our impact on the environment, but they do not.Fortunately, Earthwise offers a way to help us take responsibility for our purchases while still keeping our carbon footprint small. The reusable produce bags come with a safety pin and reusable drawstring. To use the safety pin, you simply remove the pin and slip the drawstring through the hole in the center of the bag. Once you remove this safety pin, all you have to do is pull the drawstring tight, which creates a secure seal with the produce bag. This is great because the more produce you pull from the bag, the larger the number of bags to be produced. Therefore, Earthwise is able to sell more bags at a lower price to consumers.There are many different types of reusable produce bags available to consumers. There are bags made from cotton or hemp cloth, which some people find to be more comfortable than others. There are also bags made from different types of mesh fabric, which some people like because it allows a little more air circulation and wicking of the fresh vegetables and fruits they will eventually consume. To get more details about reusable produce bags, click SOL + SPIRIT. You can even get bags with different types of reflective tape or magnetic strips on them to help reduce energy consumption.Some people are concerned about the environment when using such products. However, reusable produce bags produced from recycled plastics or polypropylene fibers do not generate any greenhouse gases or other pollutants. Compared to the large amount of plastic and paper products that are thrown into landfills each year, reusables are much more environmentally friendly. In addition to being biodegradable, they offer an easy way to make sure that your produce stays fresh and that your food does not end up sitting in a landfill for years. If you choose to purchase reusable produce bags, you will be doing your part to save the planet by reducing your consumption of natural resources. Learn more from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAdGYoX767k.

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